EMUREF S.A., Belgium

EMUREF S. A. is a manufacturer of coatings for the steel industry. With over 20 years of expertise in the industry, EMUREF is known worldwide for the range of coating products which find application in scale reduction, decarburising and slag pots. Sumarth is currently supervising product trials across India and the results look very encouraging

EMUREF is a company based in Belgium. The name itself is derived from the product form it sells, namely Emulsified Refractories. For the last twenty-five years, this company has been developing products, which are used for coating of various articles in the steel industry.

The Business Model of EMUREF is to produce ready to use coatings, supply equipment and provide preventive maintenance support. The products are water based and are supplied ready to use.

They produce three categories of products:

STOPOXY: This coating is applied on Steel (Long and Flat products,) before it enters the reheating furnace. The layer creates a barrier and thereby oxygen is unable to react with the iron in the Steel. Thus there will be a reduced scale formation in the Reheating Furnace. The Decarburisation depth is also reduced. This increases the Metallic Yield and reduced maintenance time for the furnace. A reduction in scale formation between 20% and 40% can be achieved resulting in significant savings

EMU 360-40 HT: This is also referred as HT (High Temperature). It is used for coating on very hot surfaces. This facilitates the De-skulling of metals or slags. It can be used to spray over Ladle lips and about half a meter inside on the walls. It can be used to spray ladle furnace roofs, torpedo ladles, hot metal ladles etc.

EMU 360-40 C: This is mainly used for coating of slag pots. The coating acts as a barrier between the slag or metal and the slag pot. Quick emptying results in shorter circulation cycles thereby keeping the slag pot hot and increasing the service life of each pot.

All these products are sprayed by pumps using compressed air.

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