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Kalenborn provides custom solutions to protect equipment from wear wherever mass-produced goods are to be moved, for example in the iron and steel industry, in cement works, coal-fired power stations and mining. Sumarth represents Kalenborn in the Steel Industry

Wear often only comes to light when piping components, cyclones, chutes, silos or other parts of a plant suddenly break down in operation. To prevent this, there are materials and solutions, which rectify problems with, wear over long periods of time, thereby greatly extending the service life.
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ABRESIST is fused cast basalt that has proven itself over many decades in thousands of applications. It is especially well suited for plant components subject primarily to abrasive wear and which do not rise above 350°C in temperature. The excellent balance between resistance and cost makes ABRESIST fused cast basalt the solution of choice for linings covering a large area or as cylinders in pipe components.
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A hard compound to be applied by trowel, poured or sprayed for application temperatures up to 400°C or, with the high-temperature variant, as high as 1200°C. KALCRET combines excellent wear protection properties with ease of use. Protection against wear is offered by hard mineral substances such as bauxite or corundum. The key advantage of all these compounds is their practical flexibility. Repair and lining work and can be carried out easily and without joins — even when the geometry is complex.



KALPOXY is a highly wear-resistant, epoxy-bonded hard compound for use at up to 150°C. It can be used quickly and effectively to line components or for making repairs. After a short period of hardening, it can gain excellent wear-resistance properties matching the standards of ABRESIST or KALCRET. Thanks to its superb ease of handling and contact properties, almost any surface or shape can be safely protected, even in difficult or hard-to-reach places.



KALCOR zirconium corundum (zirconia toughened alumina) is a substance, which offers good properties for resisting chemical, thermal or mechanical effects, for example in de-dusting cyclones, separators or flue-gas scrubbing systems. The temperature of the application can be as high as about 1000°C and this is combined with excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations. KALCOR is made in the form of boards, specially shaped components and piping cylinders for insertion into pipes.
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Aluminium oxide ceramic KALOCER is very hard, making it suitable for plant components which are not only subject to serious wear but also where operating temperatures can reach up to 1000°C. In addition, the smooth surface of the material offers good antifriction properties. KALOCER is available in the form of boards, mosaics, some of which are wrapped in vulcanised rubber, specially shaped components and piping cylinders.
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KALCERAM is an inexpensive material for lining of such things as silos and bunkers which are subject to little abrasion at temperatures of up to 350°C and where low friction is a key focus. There is a high-temperature variant, which is suitable for temperatures of up to 1000°C. Typical applications for this include coke ramps in the steel industry.
More information: http://www.kalenborn.com/de/material/keramisch

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