N-SIDE, Belgium

N-SIDE, a management consulting firm, has developed a proprietary software SCOOP® (Steel Cost Optimization) a strategic planning tool that integrates all the varied processes in a steel plant and provides solutions for cost minimization and profit maximization. This simulation tool can be used for both carbon steel and stainless steel manufacturing. While Sumarth is currently in discussion with major steel manufacturers in India, SCOOP® is being used extensively in Europe, Brazil and Turkey.

N-SIDE was founded in 2000 in Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium, Europe, by Philippe Chevalier, Professor in Operations Research at the Louvain School of Management, and has since established a presence in North America, Latin America and Asia. A Management consulting firm with software products developed for the Steel Industry, Pharmaceutical industry (Clinical trial supply chain and data management), Energy and Power industry and Supply Chain optimization.

SCOOP® is an Integrated Software and is a very effective tool for Profit Maximization in the Steel Industry. The tool takes into account the entire gamut of processes from the raw material to the finished product. Not only does it take care of Technical and Economic Aspects, it also helps complete process integration from Raw Materials to Downstream products, including the Power Plants.

It gives an insight into the product quantity V/s market demand, selling price V/s the marginal cost, cost, productivities and bottlenecks. Technical Aspects, such as Metallurgy, Thermodynamics, Chemistry and Productivity are also considered. It can be used for Key Strategic Decisions, Raw Material Purchases and evaluation, process parameters optimization, order book maximization, controlling costs and ROI analysis.

This is being very effectively used many Steel manufacturers in Brazil, Europe and Turkey. In India, presentations have been made to some large Steel Manufacturers and are in advance stage of negotiation.

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