Cx is the first entry in a line of odor-control products that incorporate the new POCA biomass processing technology. It is a direct-contact product, which is sold in a concentrated liquid form. Cx removes offensive smells by reducing the level of odor-causing compounds, not by masking or changing the odor.

Odor Control is one of the most significant problems currently facing the waste management industry.

Most of all so-called “odor-removers” sold today (liquids, powders) are nothing more than masking agents… The simply cover-up the offensive smell and temporarily replace it with a different odor. This can be leatal when the “covered” odors come from hydrogen sulphide or other very toxic products.

Sargo’s new PCA technology is entirely different… It actually removes odors by chemically altering their volatile emissions. This is achieved by dramatically reducing the level of volatile nitrogen and sulphur compounds that cause the odors.

In addition to eliminating existing odors, the technology also temporarily prevents the creation of new odors in the biomass. This stabilization provides greater process control to the waste management facility operator. THEREFORE THE PRODUCT SHOULD BE INTRODUCED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO THE SYSTEM.

Other advantages of the POCA technology includes its: a) ease of use, b) low cost, and c) environmentally-safe composition.

A number of successful, on location rests have been conducted with the POCA technology in a wide variety of uses. To date, the products have been proven to effectively control odor in sewage sludge disposal locations, landfills (general control, leachate treatment, etc.), transfer stations, truck wash locations, composting Facilities, etc…

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