SIKA SCHWEIZ AG, Switzerland

One of the most reputed manufacturers of Refractory Repair Machines under the brand name ALIVA, SIKA has a presence worldwide. Sumarth represents SIKA exclusively for the steel industry in India. Almost all steel plants are our clients and are very satisfied with the performance of these machines. The range includes the Gunning Machines, Shooters, RH Degasser Lance Repair Machines, and Sector Slinging Machines. We have been their partners for almost 25 years now.

SIKA is known worldwide for the various refractory repair machines sold under the brand name ALIVA. They manufacture a wide range of products, which deal with the basic refractory repair to very high-class machines with specific areas of functioning.

  • ALIVA AL 237

ALIVA AL 237 is the basic Gunning Machine and is very popular world over. A compact machine that can be moved in the plant as per requirement, it is available in the Basic and Top Versions. The new Hopper has been designed with an air bye pass, which ensures that the maximum amount of Gunning Material is utilized.

  • ALIVA AL 621

ALIVA AL 621 is a Conveying Pressure Vessel. It is very helpful in carrying out Hot and Cold Refractory repair, in rough conditions and where bulk material is to be handled. It is designed to carry pulverized bulk goods.

  • ALIVA AL 591

ALIVA AL 591 is also known, as “Sector Slinging Machine” is a system for fast and economical repairing the walls of an Electric Arc Furnace with dry or wet repair material. Three hopper sizes (0.5 m3 / 1.0 m3 and 1.5m3) are available for different EAF sizes.

  • ALIVA AL 555

ALIVA AL 555 is a Converter Gunning Unit. Compact and easily manageable, it is used for spraying repair of refractory linings of BOF Converters. It is mounted on a forklift chassis fitted with a 10.5-meter long telescopic water-cooled lance for effectively covering all areas needing repairs.

  • ALIVA AL 571

ALIVA AL 571 & 572 are RH Degasser Nozzle Liners. AL 571 has a single lance and AL 572 has two lances. This is built for automatic / manual spraying inside the RH Degasser Nozzle. After spraying inside of one Nozzle, the equipment rotates through 180 degrees and the remaining parts are repaired.

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