Soudobeam SA, Belgium

A technology company promoted by Mr. Jacques Thomas with a Patented technology for making Lance tips of BOF operations in the Steel Industry. The special design of the tip ensures “Laminar” flow and hence various benefits, which finally result in a saving of upto 2.0 Euro per mt. of Steel, produced.

Sudobeam lance tips made for the BOF operation are being use by several of the leading steel producers in Europe and North America. The products are tailor made to suit individual plants with continuous monitoring of the performance of our product relative to the production pattern of the customer. Operating lives of the nozzle are comparable to existing products and in fact much better as a result of low wear.

The nozzles are designed to ensure laminar flow which results in the following savings for a user:

  1. Longer lives of the nozzle
  2. Jet coherence: This minimises the Dead zones in the metallic bath
  3. Constant metallurgical results in the process: keeps the amount of FeO generated within a much tighter band enabling the steel maker to have tighter control on the process.
  4. Reduction of skulling on the lance: The laminar flow ensure minimal splashing reducing the incidence of splashing on the lance hence increasing the efficiency and availability of the plant.
  5. Reduction in refractory wear: the jet exiting the Soudobeam nozzle has a much tighter coherence hence keeping the Oxygen stream away from the refractory walls hence reducing direct attack and since the blowing is better controlled the oxygen efficiency also goes up
  6. Savings of upto 1 to 2 Euro per mt. can be achieved by usage of the Soudobeam lance tip

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